New fully cast aluminum LED Pole screen officially put on the market from Tecnon Smart Display

In the second half of 2018, with the accelerated promotion of 5G commercialization and large-scale investment in smart cities, the construction boom of smart light pole is also getting higher and higher. It is not difficult to find out that the smart light pole will become the next wave of "real estate finance", obtain a large number of capital blessing. LED lamppost screen, as an important part of smart street lamp, will also receive extensive attention from the market. However, due to the load bearing restrictions of smart lamppost, LED lamppost screen will have more stringent requirements on weight.


In fact, most of the previous LED lamppost screens were designed with galvanized sheet, but the market could not accept such a weight, resulting in numerous problems. Therefore, how to reduce the weight of LED lamppost screens has become an urgent technical problem to be solved.


Under this background, Tecnon Smart Display as an influential LED lamp pole screen provider in the industry, chose a new way to optimize the application of profiles, and upgrade from galvanized sheet to aluminum profiles. However, for the application requirements, although the appearance and weight have been improved, but they are still far from the market requirements. Therefore, based on a large number of project experience accumulation, Tecnon Smart Display invested a lot to standardize the function modules of LED lamp-post screen, gradually sprints towards the all-cast aluminum structure.


All - cast aluminum LED pole screen 400mm*1000mm


After more than a year of meticulously preparation, finally on November 28, Tecnon Smart Display finally successfully developed three fully cast aluminum LED lamp pole screen prototype (400 * 1000,600 * 1200,800 * 1400), beautiful appearance, ultra-light weight, superb technology and powerful function, which allows the LED lamp pole screen to be standardization.


It is worth mentioning that at present, Tecnon Smart Display is the first supplier in the industry to design the LED lamppost panel body with full cast aluminum, which requires a long time of experience accumulation, sales volume and market response to support. Because of the large cabinet size of LED lamp-post screen, the cost of mold opening is high, and the risk is also large, and three sets of different sizes of boxes will require hundreds of thousands or even millions of investment. The failure loss is huge as well.


All - cast aluminum LED pole screen 600mm*1200mm


Looking at the present situation, as the only enterprise clearly positioned and focused on LED lamp pole screen, the whole team has more than three years of LED lamp pole screen design and sales experience, but also the current LED lamp pole screen shipments are relatively large enterprises. The positioning of the company, the support of the sales volume, the accumulation of experience of the design team, and the strong financial support behind, let Tecnon Smart Display to be more forward-looking vision, to seek more in line with the market demand of the focus, and finally complete the major upgrade of the all-cast aluminum structure.


As we all know, the LED light pole screen type, function and the demand are high. A comprehensive upgrade the whole cast aluminum structure is a big challenge for Tecnon Smart Display. Any change in the accessories (the size of the module, power supply, the size of the control card, the size of the fan, optical sensors, acoustics, protector, photographer, power amplifier, etc) must be taken into consideration. Therefore, in the past year, Tecnon Smart Display has spent a lot of time to improve and unify the function modules of the LED lamp-post screen, in order to prepare for the upgrade of the all-cast aluminum box.


All - cast aluminum LED pole screen 800mm*1400mm


Of course, the appearance of the prototype of the fully cast aluminum LED lamp-post screen is only the beginning of the upgrade, and the structural innovation and optimization of the fully cast aluminum cabinet is the most importment point. Now, Tecnon Smart Display LED lighting panel can already do the thickness of 7.5 CM, each weight 15 kg, but for the sake of the demand for the highlight times, richer scenario application, development goals of Tecnon Smart Display is to put the LED light pole screen as "jewelry", make the product more beautiful, more light, become a provincial science and technology of handicraft.


Although the initial investment of the fully cast aluminum structure of the LED lamp-post screen will be large. The cost per unit will decrease rapidly with the expansion of the sales volume. So as a matter of fact, the price of the fully cast aluminum LED lamp-post screen will be cheaper and the delivery time will be shorter than the ordinary case. In general, only the full cast aluminum structureof the cabinet can really make the price of LED pole screen cheaper, more beautiful appearance, delivery time faster. Thus, with the fully cast aluminum cabinet LED lamp-post screen, Tecnon Smart Display has found the coherence point of product and demand, which makes the market competitive advantage be further strengthened.

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